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Stone Koncepts Landscape Services

Landscaping Company

Whether you are looking to create an outdoor living space, install a fence, or plant a beautiful bed of flowers, high-quality landscaping can work to enhance the overall style and function of your home or business. At Stone Koncepts, we have been creating dream exterior spaces for years. From building a retaining wall to laying sod, we have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Residential Landscaping

For smaller spaces, where every inch needs to be maximized, it is especially important to have a good design on your property to enhance every little detail. The best things come in small packages – that’s why Stone Koncepts’s local landscapers can offer beautiful and practical landscape design, crafted to fit any property size, personal taste and budget.

Commercial Landscaping Contractor

Successful commercial landscape design and maintenance requires solutions that serve a range of people – employees, clients, residents, tenants and property managers. As a commercial property manager, you need practical, low-maintenance options for landscape design and ongoing upkeep. Stone Koncepts can provide you with all-inclusive commercial landscape design services as well as installation services in your area.

Landscape Design

Stone Koncepts specializes in listening to your needs and delivering the kind of landscape you’ve always wanted. Whether you need to freshen up your existing space or add a new stone patio, magnificent pergola or fresh flower garden to a new landscape, our garden architects can help you achieve what you need.

Commercial Landscaping Lighting

Stone Koncepts is proud to offer commercial exterior lighting design and installation services. Call us today at (413) 309-3046 for more information about how to fit innovative and exciting lighting technology into your property. We have extensive experience working with all kinds of businesses with their specific landscape lighting needs.

Residential Landscape Lighting

Once you have the landscape of your dreams, it’s time to make sure you can actually see it. Whether your landscaping project is fully realized, or you’re still in the process of designing and installing your outdoor features and want to cast the best light possible, we have the professionals and equipment you need to light up your world.

Brick Pavers

Stone Koncepts offers brick pavers and other hardscapes as a part of our extensive landscaping packages. We’re happy to be able to bring this varied service to your home or business. Whether you’re interested in a driveway full of decorative paving stones, or a simple cement walkway installation, we’re ready to give you the best services available. Call today to talk to an agent!

Commercial Water Features

We’re happy to offer services related to the planning, design, and installation of water features for your business. Whatever your desired budget, call Stone Koncepts today at (413) 309-3046 to speak to one of our many knowledgeable professionals about how our features can take your commercial landscape to the next level.

Outdoor Kitchens

Stone Koncepts is proud to offer a comprehensive service to bring you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Our equipment and materials will protect your outdoor kitchen to last a lifetime. Don’t worry about bad weather or other extreme conditions from damaging your grill or counters. Our kitchens can be tailored and custom designed to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of colors and style options.

Residential Water Features

We’re proud to offer water features from outdoor wall fountains, to backyard waterfalls, to decorative ponds and beyond. No matter what your desires or budget happen to be, call Stone Koncepts at (413) 309-3046 to speak to one of our incredible professionals about how our features can make all of your landscaping dreams come true.


At Stone Koncepts, we offer the highest quality natural stone from some of the most reputable suppliers in the industry. From veneers and retaining walls to fireplaces, pizza ovens and patio stones for your home and business, our extensive line of hardscape products adds timeless beauty to any landscaping project we undertake.

Retaining Walls

As its name suggests, a retaining wall is engineered to keep soil in place. This allows your property to better retain its shape. Property owners have used retaining walls to improve the form and function of their landscapes for centuries. Thanks to modern technologies and the development of new materials, they have only grown in sophistication since.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Stone Koncepts knows the classic appeal of a fire pit. Do your outdoor goals call for a classic wood burning pit, with the appeal of its classic crackle and smoke? Are you more interested in a natural gas fire pit, with its level of convenience and modern appeal? Read on for a bit more information or call immediately to be advised on the future of your outdoors.

Residential Lawn Mowing

You want to relax in your yard – not constantly struggle with mowing and weeding grass and pest control issues. If your residential or commercial lawn could use some professional TLC and you don’t have the time to maintain it at the level you desire, call in the lawn care service experts at Stone Koncepts.

Residential Lawn Care

Besides looking beautiful and increasing your curb appeal, there are many reasons to grow a lush lawn around your home. Our lawn experts can teach you how important grass is to your surroundings and how to insure your space reaps the benefits. When it comes to a green, lush lawn, Stone Koncepts is your answer to lawn care. If you want to ensure that your front lawn will look manicured and clean, hire one of our lawn care specialists.

Commercial Lawn Mowing

The responsibilities of a property manager are almost never-ending. Time management is a major necessity for running a productive business. We can lessen the amount of time you and your staff will need to spend managing your grounds with our custom maintenance service plans. We maintain all aspects of your grounds, including mowing, weeding, garden bed trimming and pest control.

Commercial Lawn Care

At Stone Koncepts, we’re proud to be your one stop shop for all your lawn care needs. We offer full lawn care and maintenance programs for commercial spaces. Let us help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, lush green lawn you want for your outdoor space. We offer services to assess your lawn care needs and repair, seed, fertilizer and weed as required to get your yard in top shape. After the heavy work is done, we develop a maintenance program to keep your lawn looking its best year-round.


Stone Koncepts is proud to offer our hydroseeding services. If you need a beautiful lawn, quick and at a fraction of the price of a sod lawn, call us today at (413) 309-3046 to speak to an agent or professional today. Our agents are standing by to take your call and ready to make your dreams for a beautiful lawn into a reality!

Weed Control

The best landscaping includes managing weed growth. This is of course important to present the best image possible—but it’s also important when it comes to maintaining the health of your land and community. For more information about how Stone Koncepts can manage your weed control needs, call us at (413) 309-3046 today!

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